Since 2006, Françoise Bloch and her company Zoo Théâtre have been pursuing a research project where thorough documentary exploration (interviews, surveys, films, etc.) serves as a starting point for a theater both physical and critical, a theater that tries to reinvent the bonds between collected fragments of « reality » and their theatrical transpositions. Performances are collective creations, built with the actors while using a range of scenic tools (text, movement, video, music) to portray socio-economic issues.

The research first resulted in a trilogy on competition: Grow or go, about young business strategy consultants, Une société de services, which focused on call center employees, and Money! that, starting from a meeting in a bank, tries to dismantle the mechanics of profit.

The latest performance, Etudes, follows a project for a European law in order to analyze the power game between the political and the financial sector.

In close connection with her artistic practice, Françoise Bloch also teaches at the École supérieure d’acteurs de Liège, and, on occasion, in other acting schools (RITS – Brussel, École du TNB-Rennes, École du TNS-Strasbourg).